Antlia LRGB-V Pro series filters - 36mm Unmounted

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Size 36mm Unmounted Price US$360.00
Brand Antlia Origin China

The Antlia LRGB-V Pro series filters are designed for monochrome cameras that use both CCD and CMOS sensors. Suitable sensors include KAF/KAI sensors, Sony IMX sensors, GSENSE and other sensor manufacturers. The LRGB-V Pro set is designed to approximately equalize the RGB response from the flux of red-sensitive CCD detectors. The result is that you achieve 1:1:1 equalized RGB exposures with the benefit of simplified post processing and reduced imaging time. New LRGB-V Pro series filters feature a carefully designed spectral gap between the green and red channels to minimize the effect of light pollution and to provide high transmittance of useful frequencies. The filters’ design maximizes the capture of details from fainter galaxies and nebulae emissions. The LRGB-V Pro series filters guarantee the high transmission of the OIII band in both the B and G filters (OIII signal >95% in blue and green). The bandwidth of the B channel is narrowed for the purpose of improving the blue channel overflow (haloing) around the star due to B channel overexposure. Antlia LRGB-V Pro series filters block the emission line around 589nm by the design of wide gap between G and R filters, which suppresses much of the light pollution from high pressure sodium and mercury street lamps and results in a more natural color balance. The uniformity in substrate thickness delivers good parfocal performance across all Antlia filters.

Highlight of LRGB-V Pro series set

1. Premium coating technology and finely polished substrate Our quality selection processes are optimized to ensure highly homogeneous glass-substrates. Our application of advanced optical coating technology and double-sided precision polishing achieves both consistent parfocal and optical performance across all filters. 2. Maximized colour balance and contrast for each of the three RGB channels and excellent S/N performance Dozens of coating layers are deposited on both sides of the glass substrate that enables LRGB-V Pro filters to achieve a high SNR. The Anti reflection coatings and carefully designed spectral gaps minimize unwanted light scatter and maximize useful signal data for each filter channel.

3. Tighter star profiles and halo reduction The cut-off rate of LRGB-V Pro series set is designed in high level to minimize halos around brighter stars and reduce star bloat. Our careful design of the blue channel transmission characteristics targets the problem of blue star bloating.

Application and Performance:

1. Designed for monochrome CCD and CMOS cameras

2. Great imaging colors for celestial objects, galaxies, star clusters and nebulae

3. AR anti-reflection film design for secondary reflection and star halo reduction

4. R-Filter provides maximum transmission of H-alpha and S II emission

5. B/G overlap doubles the energy in the OIII line

6. Balanced RGB-design offer 1:1:1 exposure times for most telescope optical systems

7. All Antlia LRGB-V Pro filters are edge blackened to eliminate internal reflections from stray light

8. The substrate thickness of each of the four LRGB filers is maintained to tight tolerances

9. Not recommended for Solar observing and imaging

10. Not recommended for visual observation

Important Note: When using any parfocal filters, the user may still experience focus shifts between filters during long imaging sessions. It is important to remember that temperature shifts will change the length of the optical path due to the differential contraction between the telescope tube and the glass optical elements. It is recommended that the photographers check focus either manually or automatically in software every 1 to 2 hours. In cases where the telescope has been brought from a warm environment to outside, more frequent focus checks are required until the equipment has stabilized nearer to ambient temperature.

Technical Specifications:

Basic Substrate: optical substrate

Filter Thickness: 2mm+/-0.05mm for Dia36mm unmounted

Surface Quality: S/D (scratch/dig)= 60/40 (Refer to MIL-O-13830)

Transmitted Wavefront: Lambda/4 or better.

Parallelism: less than 30 arcsec

Single / Non-glued substrate

Warranty: 3-years against delamination

In the box: Antlia LRGB-V Pro series set includes Luminance (IR/UV-blocked colorless), Red, Green and Blue filters

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